Are there any rules?

Not really other than to put your feet up, grab a coffee or if it’s been a long day in the office then I permit you to have a nice cold beer and hopefully enjoy reading our blogs.

“Who are we?” You will say.

Having started the business last year we have gone from strength to strength, recently acquiring new offices on the Alcester High Street.

Our sole aim is to assist and help grow local businesses whether it be a Sole Trader, Partnership, LLP or a Limited Company.

We offer a different range of services which can be tailored to each client’s needs from Bookkeeping right up to Year End Reporting.

Why are we blogging?

Every man and there dog seem to be using the power of social media more than ever, so for us to reach out to businesses and the general public we feel now the time is right to start blogging on a weekly basis.

Most accountants carry a stigma of being a bit boring, if you see us on our Christmas outing then what’s boring about seeing who can count the quickest on their abacus whilst being blindfolded? Honestly it’s an absolute hoot.

No, really we want to show you that we are approachable and share our thoughts/tips that can assist your business.

What will we be blogging about?

A blind man on a galloping horse will probably say your accountants; surely your blogs will be about Finance?

That blind man would be 90% correct, but being an avid Wolverhampton Wanderers fan and having a family with two kids I may stray from the normal. Expect tales of why my one year old daughter thinks it’s normal to walk around with chocolate buttons stuck on her face or why Wolves, will inevitably one day win the Champions League.

As stated we will try and stay on track with accountancy and hope you will take something from our blogs and hopefully share amongst your followers on Twitter/Google Plus and your friends on Facebook.

I invite you to leave feedback via the website “comment” section at the end of the blog or via the social media streams mentioned above.

James Britton – Director

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